INCDPM "Alexandru Darabont"

The National Research and Development Institute of Occupational Safety (INCDPM) - "Alexandru Darabont" is a research and development institute accredited by the national authority for scientific research (ANCS) as a Romanian national legal entity of public interest, coordinated by the Ministry of National Education, acting in accordance with the Government Decision no. 1772/2004; it works on the self-financing principle.


National Conference 2011

Conferinta nationala 2011

National Conference: Preventing Occupational Risks: Our Common Aim, INCDPM – 60 Years of Research in Safety and Health at Work in Romania, Bucharest 2.11.2011 - More…



INCDPM is involved in several international projects in partnership with the European Community, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, as well as in national projects financed out of structural funds. More…


Services in OSH Area

Oferta noastra

The specialists of the Institute provide a wide range of high standard services in order to develop safe and healthy work conditions, prevent occupational diseases and protect the environment in accordance with the Law 319/2006... More…


The last free seminar of safety and health at work takes place in Constanta for HORECA workers of South East region: Braila, Buzau, Galati, Tulcea, Vrancea (details) within the Project "Safety and Health at Work, premises for competitiveness" (details).

INCDPM has recently acquired a software application on: „Noise At Work” that provides noise mapping at the work place... details

The Institute offers a wide range of products and services... more

INCDPM publishes framework safety and health at work guidelines... more

The Institute delivers courses on ELECTRICIANS’ safety training, testing and authorizing as for occupational safety

INCDPM offers a number of posters on safety and health at work and environment issues. In a world of continuous concern for the environment such posters address correct behaviors for the protection of the environment at work and in general... more

INCDPM objectives

  • Participate in the scientific substantiation of the development strategy in the safety and health at work area
  • Develop scientific studies and researches to answer the technical and organization work issues in accordance with the safety requirements and technical and social changes
  • Increase awareness of the actors implied in the safety and health at work area and develop a culture of prevention - disseminate information and get occupational training

Our Offer

INCDPM has an important potential of experienced specialists in the safety and health at work area, offering a wide range of training courses, publications and specific services necessary to enforce the regulations and provide a safe and healthy work environment for our clients’ workers:

Warning: The English version is shorter than the Romanian version. However, you have access to a presentation of INCDPM, information on current events, as well as its studies and research activities.