Certification Body

Established in 1995 by Order of the Minister of Labour no. 170/09.Nov.1995, as “Laboratory of Certifying the Product Quality as for Safety at Work”, becoming later “Certification Unit” according to the provisions of the Government Decision  (GD) no. 406/23 July 1998, the ICSPM – CS Certification Body has a vast experience in developing activities related to conformity assessment and certification of machines and other work equipment (WE), as well as personal protective equipment (PPE).

GD no. 1772/2004 on the organization of the National Research and Development Institute of Occupational Safety - INCDPM “Alexandru Darabont”- Bucharest.

Accreditations issued by RENAR (certificate of accreditation no. ON 011/1 of 23 July 2013 – for PPE area and ON 011/2 of 23 July 2013 for the machine area.

Notifications at the European Union (identification number NB 1805). ICSPM – CS is a certification body notified at European level with 1805 identification number for the application of:

  • all procedures provided in the European Directive 89/686/CEE on any PPE model except PPE that provides a  time limited protection against ionizing radiations and diving equipment;
  • procedures of conformity assessment provided in the European Directive 2006/42/CE amended, on machines for elevators, vehicles and equipment for lifting persons and vehicles at a height of more than 3 m.

ICSPM-CS has the necessary competence to assess and/or certificate the following groups of products of the unregulated area as for standards and other applicable regulation acts:

WE not included in the application area of the technical regulations and the above mentioned directives (e.g. electrical equipment of high voltage, industrial machines not included in annex 4 of GD no. 119/2004, electrical insulating tools);

  • used WE/PPE
  • special types of PPE: personal equipment for rescuing persons in special situations;
  • protective clothes items  of simple design, footwear and work underwear: overalls, trousers, undershirts, stockings, socks etc;
  • materials and half-finished materials for PPE and personal working equipment: fabrics, filmed materials, leather for PPE manufacturing. belts, cords, shoe soles.

OC ICSPM-CS does not offer and does not provide conformity assessment services for products in which INCDPM, through its departments, has a direct financial interest as product designer, manufacturer or trader, neither  does for the products  for which  INCDPM related bodies (INCDPM, its research and development departments)  had provided design or consultancy services and had participated in research studies meant to improve the product in the previous 2 years before the demand for conformity assessment was made.

The consultancy services developed by the related organizations are not to be associated in any form to the services of conformity assessment for certification developed by OC ICSPM – CS; in order to comply with such requirement for the certification OC ICSPM-CS does not use the findings obtained within the consultancy contracts in any situation whatsoever.