Chemical and Biological Hazards

LCBR has the high-class experience, specialists and equipment to offer the following services in the area of safety and health at work and environment protection:

Safety and Health at Work

Chemical Agents

  • Identify chemical agents in the atmosphere of the work environment
  • Measure the level of chemical agents in the work environment
  • Assess risks associated to the exposure to chemical agents
  • Elaborate technical solutions to eliminate or reduce the exposure to chemical agents
  • Elaborate Technical Safety Sheets according to national regulations and REACH provisions
  • Assist the elaboration of OSH Guides and Prevention and Protection Plan for activities in which chemical agents are involved

Biological Agents

  • Identify biological agents in work environment
  • Determine micro-flora in atmosphere of work environment
  • Evaluate risks associated with exposure to biological agents
  • Recommend measures to reduce biological risks

Environment Protection

INCDPM is one of the first organizations certified by the Ministry of Environment for developing environment balances and studies of environment impact. The Certificate of registration was issued on 29.03.2010 is valid until 29.03.2015. INCDPM is registered at no. 161 in the National Register of Environment Elaborators for Environment Impact Reports, Environment Balances and Location Reports. INCDPM develops the following activities:

  • Monitor environment factors of air, water, soil
  • Analyze composition of industrial wastes and test strength at leaching
  • Elaborate Environment Balances
  • Elaborate Assessment Reports of Environmental Impact
  • Elaborate Location Reports
  • Elaborate studies of risk assessment for environment
  • Elaborate the documentation for obtaining the integrate environment authorization: Location Report and Authorization Request
  • Elaborate technical solutions to reduce the atmosphere pollution
  • Elaborate technical solutions for treating dangerous wastes.